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UCD team wins the 2023 Corn Adomnáin – International Humanitarian Law Competition

UCD team wins the 2023 Corn Adomnáin – International Humanitarian Law Competition

UCD School of Law Winning team (l to r) Donna Parau, Moyin Adelakun and Alanna Grogan

The UCD team of three brilliant law students – Moyin Adelakun, Alanna Grogan and Donna Parau – won the 2023 Corn Adomnáin International Humanitarian Law Competition. The team was supported in their preparations by Dr Amrei Müller, Lecturer/Assistant Professor (Ad Astra Fellow) at UCD Sutherland School of Law. We congratulate our students for this outstanding achievement!

The Corn Adomnáin competition is organised annually for students studying law in Ireland by the Irish Red Cross (IRC). This year, the competition was hosted by UCD Centre for Human Rights in the Sutherland School of Law on the 11th of March 2023. The Centre is very grateful for this excellent cooperation with the IRC.

Built around a fictitious case study of an armed conflict, nine teams from Irish universities were competing in role-plays and simulations, challenging participants to explain and apply the core rules of IHL. The activities covered the protection of historical monuments, the local environment, agricultural sites as well as dams and dykes; the detention of prisoners of war (POWs) and members of armed groups; the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in armed conflicts; and the protections IHL affords to women and to victims of rape and sexual violence in armed conflict. The competition also included a gaming scenario where teams had to make decisions in real-time on the conduct of a ground operation in accordance with IHL. The competition ended an International Criminal Court (ICC) moot court involving a case against a General and a Commander. The moot court was judged by Judges Shireen Fisher (Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone), Hilkka Becker (International Protection Appeals Tribunal) and Patricia McNamara (District Court).

UCD Centre for Human Rights and Sutherland School of Law are very proud of the winning UCD team! 

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