Two Week Study Programme Information - 2022


Dates: May 30th to June 10th 2022

Tuition fees: 1,500 EURO

Module: Ireland in the World (5 ECTS Credits)

This interdisciplinary module will explore Ireland's interaction with Europe and the wider world from ancient to modern times. As a small island on the edge of Europe, Ireland has cultivated global links for centuries through the Roman Empire, the spread of Christianity, Celtic and Viking influences, Norman and English settlers, political and religious allies in Europe and through outward and (more recently) inward migration.

Lectures and seminars in this module will examine Ireland’s economic, religious, linguistic and political encounters with other nations through trade, colonisation, exploration, migration and exile. Cultural, artistic and literary exchanges will be discussed through specific case-studies highlighting key themes relation to global encounters from a range of time periods. On-campus tours to cultural repositories will include analysis material from the National Folklore Collection and UCD Special Collections. Related cultural visits will be scheduled for EPIC museum, Dublin Castle and Glasnevin Cemetery.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn about key ideas and concepts in historical, cultural and political ideologies in Ireland and overseas
  • Students will work with multidisciplinary sources and texts and develop skills of critical analysis and interpretation
  • Students will participate in active learning both on and off campus through specified activities and tasks
  • Students will develop independent research and analytical skills
  • Reflective writing skills will be practised and developed

Assessment: 30% Report on cultural site visit, 20% Specified learning activities, 50% Reflective Learning Journal