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Week 8 Deadlines

'WEEK 8' DEADLINES 2023/24 

TRIMESTER 2 (Spring): Friday, 29 March 2024


There may be circumstances in which you will want/need to take some time off from your degree. You should apply for this leave in advance; however the deadline for the Spring trimester is Friday, 29 March 2024.

After this date, applications for Leave of Absence for that trimester become 'retrospective'. Retrospective Leave of Absence is rarely given and then only in exceptional circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Incoming students who arrived this term cannot take a leave of absence for Autumn but can do so for Spring.

Applications are made in SISWeb available through your UCD Connect account. If you are unable to submit an application online please contact the Student Desk.

Further information is available at:



You can drop modules by Friday, 29 March 2024. Potentialprogression issuesmay arise around credits requiredto move to the next stage, modules that are pre- or co-requisites for a later module, or a core module required to progress with a subject. Therefore, it is important you seek guidance when making changes.


After 29 March 2024, you can withdraw from a module up until Friday, 26 April 2024. However, a module fee will be incurred; if you retake the same module subsequently no additional fee will apply and there will be no academic penalties; if you replace it, additional fees will apply.  

To change your registration once it has closed to students, you must contact the Arts & Humanities Desk for advice and assistance. If you know what changes you wish to make you can submit a Manual Registration request form. For information on Credits and Modules click here.

These modules will appear on your Repeats tab next time they are offered and you can register to them there. However, if the module you Withdrew from is no longer offered you can substitute it with an alternative module without additional fees. However, you MUST contact our office to request this to be added to your programme.


If you have any questions about the repeats or resits you are taking you will find information by clicking here or contact the Arts & Humanities Desk for advice and assistance. 


If you wish to withdraw from your programme we encourage you to contact the Arts & Humanities Desk, or talk to a Student Adviser first as there may be other approaches you have not thought of: All options can be looked at with your circumstances in mind.

If you withdraw from your programme after 31 January 2024, you will be liable for fees for this term. A formal Statement of Withdrawal is available through SISWeb in your UCD Connect account. Details of the Withdrawal procedure are available here.

If you are contemplating withdrawing from your programme, please contact the Arts & Humanities Desk for advice and assistance and we will help to investigate a range of options and supports.

You may wish to consider taking a Leave of Absence for your current term instead if you need more time to decide on the right approach, the deadline for which is 29 March 2024. If you take a Leave of Absence by this date, all modules and their fees are removed for the term.

But please, do come and talk to us before you take this step!


Please remember – the Arts and Humanities Office is here to listen and offer advice. You can contact the Arts & Humanities Desk online through our Connector.


If you are experiencing personal difficulties, you may prefer to talk in private to one of your Student Advisers by making an appointment.

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