Interview Expenses

This page provides details of the process and forms involved in claiming interview expenses. 

Who can claim expenses?

If you are a candidate who has recently attended for an interview or an external assessor who has participated in an interview panel you may be entitled to claim expenses incurred while travelling to, and staying in, Dublin. 

If you are entitled to make a claim for reimbursement this will be clearly indicated in the email inviting you for an interview along with the remit of that entitlement. 

Note: It is imperative that all receipts are presented with your expense claim form in order to receive your reimbursement. Below you will find a brief you need to take when submitting an expense claim and the relevant form for completion.

Expenses Claim Process

Step 1: Check to see if you are eligible. This information will be in the email inviting you to attend.

Step 2: Check to see what's covered. These details are on the relevant Candidate or External Assessor claim form.

Step 3: Gather together your original receipts.

Step 4: Fill in either the Candidate expenses claim form or the External Assessor expenses claim form and send it, together with the original receipts, to the HR Resourcing Administrator(s) who is responsible for administering the competition/position you have applied for.

Step 5: Once claims are received, your HR Resourcing Administrator(s) will check and verify the amount to be paid before sending your claim to the UCD Bursar’s Office for processing.

Step 6: UCD Bursar’s Office will process your claim(s).

Step 7: Payment will be issued to you in approximately 2 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Any original receipt, including printouts.

You can contact your Resourcing Administrator.

Contact the HR Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk is the primary point of contact for all your employment-related queries.  We are here to help you with any queries on employee benefits, terms & conditions and HR policies & procedures. If we can’t help you directly we will refer your query to a HR specialist area.


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