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Page updated 10 August 2022

This section contains information on the sturcure of Job Descriptions and some standard templates to get you started.

An accurate Job Description is required in support of many of UCD’s Resourcing activities. It is a key component of Job Sizing and essential to the process of Creating a new post. It also supports Resourcing, having a central role to play in both the Advertising and the Interview & Selection processes.

Job Description Components

The Job Description template is comprised of six separate components:

  1. Position Information – including: Job Title, Grade, Location and Reporting Relationships;
  2. Position Summary – capturing a brief summary of the nature and purpose of the post available;
  3. Principal Duties and Responsibilities – outlining key areas of responsibilities associated with the post;
  4. Selection Criteria - the skills, experience, knowledge and competencies required to operate in the post;
  5. Further Information for Candidates –  any supplementary Information which can be made accessible electronically i.e. Webpages;
  6. Optional Information -  this may include a point of contact for Informal Enquiries or some specifics of particular interest to applicants who may apply for this post i.e. specific hours of work.

Getting Started

To start the process of creating or updating a job description, please use one of the templates below.

Once you have created or made any revisions to a Job Description it must be approved by the Job Sizing Committee before it can be advertised. All new posts (greater than 1-year) must be submitted for job sizing.

Professional and Administrative roles

Faculty roles

Technical roles

Frequently Asked Questions

The Job Description can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Resourcing and Selection processes – Remember, questions at interview must be based upon the job description so thinking ahead to the interview is useful when constructing a description.
  • Job Sizing applications
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities - Think carefully, and realistically, about the duties the employee will perform.
  • Developing and reviewing of performance - Have you included criteria you will be able to measure performance against?

No, the Principal Duties and Responsibilities should focus on describing the broad areas of responsibilities as opposed to a long list of specific tasks. Much of the smaller, or irregular tasks will fall under the ‘Any other duties’ requirement which traditionally ends all list of Principal Duties and Responsibilities.

No, the details must not be discriminatory or make explicit or implicit reference to the age, gender, marital or family status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, membership of the travelling community, or any other irrelevant characteristics of the position holder.

Clearly defined selection criteria are essential as they support the recruitment and selection process by providing:

  • A consistent and objective set of standards for all applicants which can be observed/measured
  • A framework against which feedback can be provided.

The more accurate the selection criteria are, the easier it will be to find a suitable candidate.

At a minimum, a Job Description should be reviewed in all instances where the post becomes vacant and before any resourcing activities are initiated.

Contact the HR Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk is the primary point of contact for all your employment-related queries by email and telephone.  We are here to help you with any queries on employee benefits, terms & conditions and HR policies & procedures. If we can’t help you directly, we will refer your query to a HR specialist area.

All visitors to UCD HR, Roebuck offices should be by appointment only and arrangements to be made with specific HR staff members.

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