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Research Skills & Career Development Framework

Research Skills & Career Development Framework

The RS&CD Framework is the framework which UCD utilises to guide the development of Post-Doctoral Fellows.  The framework is the result of consultation with the academic community to identify some of the key indicators that a Post-Doctoral Fellow (PD Fellow) will demonstrate across a number of development categories as they progress through their post doctoral positions.

Four key Development Categories were identified;

  1. Research and Research Management
  2. Personal and Professional Development
  3. Teaching Learning and Development
  4. Innovation and Transferable Skills

Each category is made up of several Development Sub-Categories against which are associated ‘indicators’.  Indicators are samples of outcomes that a PD Fellow will display when he/she is performing well in a particular area.

Indicators are not meant to be prescriptive.  Instead they are meant to be used as a guide for both the PD Fellow and the Principal Investigator (PI) when reviewing progress and to facilitate identifying areas for further development.

RC&PD Planning Document is the tool that both the PD Fellow and the PI will use when they meet to agree the development objectives for the duration of the PD Fellow’s contract of employment within UCD.

More information on the Research Skills & Career Development Process is detailed in this document.

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