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Posted 30 March 2021


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When is equality knowable? 

Derval Conroy (ed). Towards an Equality of the Sexes in Early Modern France (Abingdon: Routledge, 2021). Routledge Studies in Renaissance and Early Modern Worlds of Knowledge.











This volume sets out to examine the ways in which an equality between the sexes is constructed, conceptualised, imagined or realised in early modern France, a period and a country which produced some of the earliest theorisations on equality. In so doing, it aims to contribute towards the development of the history of equality as an intellectual category within the history of political thought, and to situate "the woman question" within that history. The eleven chapters in the volume span the fields of political theory, philosophy, literature, history and history of ideas, bringing together literary scholars, historians, philosophers and scholars of political thought, and examining an extensive range of primary sources. Whilst most of the chapters focus on the conceptualisation of a moral, metaphysical or intellectual equality between the sexes, space is also given to concrete examples of a de facto gender equality in operation. The volume is aimed at scholars and graduate students of political thought, history of philosophy, women’s history and gender studies alike. It aims to throw light on the history of Western ideas of equality and difference, questions which continue to preoccupy cultural historians, philosophers, political theorists and feminist critics.

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Fragments. On the threshold of understanding

Niamh Pattwell, with John Scattergood

Trinity College Library Dublin: A catalogue of manuscripts containing Middle English and some Old English (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2021) contributes to our understanding of the material nature of the book and the spaces in (and through) which we access knowledge. In the manuscripts of Trinity College Dublin, the liminal spaces – the borders of the manuscripts or the spaces in-between the main texts – often hold knowledge that is as important, if not more so, than the texts themselves. 

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Sarah Comyn and Porscha Fermanis (eds)

June 2021:
Sarah Comyn and Porscha Fermanis (eds), Worlding the South: Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture
and the Southern Settler Colonies (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2021).

Francesco Lucioli, Il dibattito sulle donne in Italia nel tardo Cinquecento. Una ritrovata polemica padovana
(Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2021)