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Creative Futures Academy Courses

Creative Futures Academy Courses

The Creative Futures Academy (CFA) is a ground-breaking partnership between: The National College of Art and Design, University College Dublin, and the Institute of Art Design + Technology. Thinkers and leaders from academia, the creative arts and industry have come together to create new programmes, modules and micro-courses. Our programmes offer access to expertise and networks across the three leading creative institutions and our industry partners. Learn with us as we experiment, innovate and shape the future of Ireland's creative and cultural landscape. 

In UCD, we have two exciting new courses on offer, alongside a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules to engage and expand your creativity.

BA Humanities Cultural and Creative Industries

If you are interested in the performing arts, television and film, fashion, music, festivals, media, visual arts and museums — or aspire to work creatively in business, the public sector, and digital technology — this course is for you! Combining project-based work with high-level career mentorship, this new four-year course prepares students for careers in the cultural and creative industries.

You can watch the UCD Open Day talk here.

More info:

(opens in a new window)www.myucd.ie/courses/arts-humanities/creative-cultural-industries

(opens in a new window)www.creativeindustries.ucd.ie

MA Writing for Stage and Screen

This course encourages participants to develop their own storytelling and writing across diverse platforms, from theatre to film, Through a mix of seminars, small group discussions and one-to-one sessions, we focus on the commonalities across dialogue-based narratives no matter what the medium and equip writers with the tools and confidence to write for and work between different forms.  

Find out more here and watch our course video below.

Creative Futures Academy Modules 

Some of the modules we offer as enhancements to our UCD programmes are -

FS10060 Cinema Creatives
DRAM10030 The Theatrical Event
EDF20010 Creativity
MUS20720 Techniques of Songwriting
MFD20010 Producing Music, Film and Drama
MUS20730 Traditional Music Practice 1

DRAM30280 Solo Performance
CRWT30130 Literary Editorship II 
ENG32510 Writing Dublin 
DRAM40520 Writing for Screen
DRAM40540 Short Film Project
HUM40040 Creative Approaches to Research 
HUM40050 Arts Programming and Events

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