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Diploma in Professional Regulation

New Professional Diploma in Professional Regulation in association with McDowell Purcell

UCD Sutherland School of Law recently commenced a new Diploma in Professional Regulation being run in association with law firm, McDowell Purcell. The first intake of students started lectures in late January and the programme will continue for 12 weeks.

The Diploma has been developed to cater for the increasing numbers of individuals affected by the changing requirements in professional regulation.  The professions that are currently, or are soon to be, regulated by statute include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, solicitors, teachers, and social workers. The Diploma is designed to enable regulators, the regulated, and the employers thereof, and their representative bodies to become familiar with both the aims of regulation and the functions of regulators.

As part of McDowell Purcell’s involvement in the Diploma we are also pleased to announce that a distinguished guest speaker has been invited to deliver the final lecture of the term.  This will be an important lecture on a topical subject matter and guests of Sutherland School of Law and McDowell Purcell will be invited to attend in addition to those already registered on the programme. 

For further information on this distinguished guest lecture on professional regulation, please email (opens in a new window)law.events@ucd.ie.

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